International Tai Chi Chuan Association (ITCCA™)

ITCCA Italia

L'Itcca Italia borns in 1993, his branch leader is M° Carlo Lopez.

National headquarters, Il Ginkgo, is in viale Stefini 7 in Milan.

Carlo Lopez

Carlo Lopez

Head of the ITCCA Italia branch
Disciple of Master Chu King Hung

mobile: 3487324633
e-mail: pioggiaopportuna@gmail.com
website: www.itcca.it
personal blog: Il Taoista

Carlo Lopez began studying Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong in 1983 with Master Ermanno Cozzi, the only European who was direct student of Great Master Yang Sau Chung.

In 1985 he continued his studies with Great Master Chu King Hung, and in 1988 became his direct student.

In 1993 was appointed by Master Chu the Itcca leader for Italy and in 2004 the 6th generation Yang family disciple.

Seminar with Master Chu King Hung in Milan

3rd- 7th June 2020

Organisation Carlo Lopez


Contact pioggiaopportuna@gmail.com