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Rosanna Gaudio

tel: 349 1880 149
email: rosannagaudio6@gmail.com

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Rosanna Gaudio

Rosanna Gaudio

I approach Tai Chi looking for a discipline, an art that has a rebalancing effect on the person as a whole and that could be practiced daily and everywhere.

I start the study in September 2004 with my current teacher Maestro Carlo Lopez, responsible for Italy of the ITCCA.

From 2007 I became his assistant.

From 2009 I became a direct student of Master Chu King Hung, European leader of the ITCCA, receiving the authorization to teach the "Original Yang Style".

From the same year I am recognized as a teacher of Tai Chi and Qi Gong by the ADO-UISP.

In addition to my daily personal practice, I continue my preparation by attending my teachers' training courses.

Currently I teach in Pavia, Piacenza, Fiorenzuola and Bologna.