International Tai Chi Chuan Association (ITCCA™)

The Original Yang-Style

In the ITCCA you learn the "Original Yang-Style" Tai Chi Chuan. This is the style as it was handed down in the Yang family.

The Original Yang-Style is all about energy, "Chi". This energy can not only be felt but it can also be experienced through so-called "chi-tests".

Sadly, we usually cannot use our full energetic potential: In our childhood we have abondoned the free, not energy-inhibiting movement-patterns we had in our early years and learned to use muscular force instead. Through the practice of Tai Chi Chuan, we regain access to this "paradise". When the Chi flows unimpeded, this has all sorts of (positive!) effects on health, mental activity, the psyche, the emotions and the spiritual potential of an individual.

Although T'ai Chi Ch'uan works extremely well in self defence once it is mastered, its roots lies in taoist meditation, whose mental and energetic techniques have been adapted to a self-defense art. Because of this Yang Cheng-Fu said: "Tai Chi Chuan is meditation in movement and moving meditation."

Yang Lu-ch'an

Yang Lu Ch'an (1799-1872)

is the founder of the Yang style. To keep the style of the family secret, he and all his famous successors taught a simplified form publicly. In the thirties of the last century this form was spread out in China through his grandson Yang Ch'eng Fu . From China it spread to the USA and to Europe.

Yang Shou-chung

Yang Shou Chung (1910-1985)

the great-grandson of Yang Lu Chan, emigrated to Hong Kong in 1947 because of the cultural and political changings in his homeland. Together with his disciple Chu King Hung he later founded the ITCCA (International Tai Chi Chuan Association). In the seventies of the last century Master Chu emigrated to London and is teaching since then in Europe.

In the ITCCA, the Original Yang family-style is for the first time taught publicly with all the so called Family Secrets. Master Yang decided that the internal principles are too valuable for health to be withheld from the public any longer.

Master Chu King Hung

Grandmaster Chu King Hung

thrives to preserve the precious knowledge handed down to him and to pass it on through skilled and authorized teachers. He has already taught and authorized several disciples to make sure that the internal principles will not get lost.

Master Chu teaches regularly during 5-7 days holiday seminars all over Europe. His way of teaching is open-hearted and humorous.