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Itcca teachers

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Carlo Lopez

Head of the ITCCA Italia branch, Disciple of Master Chu King Hung

mobile: 3487324633
e-mail: pioggiaopportuna@gmail.com
website: www.itcca.it
personal blog: Il Taoista

Carlo Lopez began studying Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong in 1983 with Master Ermanno Cozzi, the only European who was direct student of Great Master Yang Sau Chung.

In 1985 he continued his studies with Master Chu King Hung, one of the three disciples of the Great Master, and European leader of International Tai Chi Chuan Association.

In 1988 he became one of Master Chu's direct students and dedicated himself full time to the teaching of this art.

In 1993 he was appointed by Master Chu the Itcca leader for Italy.

Its main mission is to train qualified teachers to spread the "Original Yang Style", a name given by Yang Chen Fu’s eldest son to preserve the authentic Yang style.

In 1998 he founded the association "Il giardino dei Maestri Oziosi" (“Otiose Masters’ Garden”), that became Itcca Italia's national office.

In 2000 he became the national leader of Yang technical area, for Tai Chi Chuan, of ADO-UISP and in 2005 Yang area leader.

As Itcca Italia's president, he is also the advisor for IAS, Interassociazione Arti per la Salute (Inter Association of Arts for Health), adviser.

One of his writings, "The Sacred Body", was published in June 2003 in a special edition, dedicated to the “Sacred”, of the Psychoanalysis magazine "Gli Argonauti" (“Argonauts”) www.davidelopez.it.

Since 2004, when he became a disciple of Master Chu King Hung, he is also the 6a generation Yang family disciple.

In 2005 when Ado-Uisp Qi Gong area was founded, he was appointed Master and member of the Technical Committee for that area.

Together with other Italian Tai Chi Chuan Masters founded the internal disciplines coordinating committee, "Nuvole Vuote" (“Empty Clouds”).

Since 2006 organizes Internal Disciplines National Festival within “Armonia” (“Harmony”) at Belgioioso castle.

In 2012 the new Itcca Italia head office is moved to Il Ginkgo.

Carlo Lopez has an experience of over 30 years of constant practice and 30 years of continuous teaching in the fields of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and meditation; he is a renowned teacher of great experience. He is faithful to the Yang style of the school founded by Yang Sau Chung for its great depth in the awareness of movement, its energy, and its philosophy.

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P. Roberti

Patrizia Roberti

She begins her personal journey taking an interest, during the years of her attendance to the Department of Medicine and Surgery, to psychomotion, bioenergetics and other bodily mediated therapies.

During the self experimentation of these practices, in 1983, she meets Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong and begins the study of them with Ermanno Cozzi, student of Yang Sau Chung, eldest son of Yang Chen Fu, the greatest Tai Chi master in ‘900 and great spreader of Yang Style.

In 1987 she attends the first seminary of M° Chu King Hung, disciple of Yang Sau Chung and European representative of ITCCA, the organization founded by Yang Sau Chung to preserve the principles of the “Original Yang Style (Yang family’s original Style)”.

Wishing to go deep in her knowledge of Tai Chi, in 1992, she continues her studies in a more organized way with the lead of Carlo Lopez, Italian ITCCA representative and she regularly attends Master Chu King Hung’s stages.

In February 1998 she passes the exam with Master Chu to become ITCCA teacher and, once or twice a year, with the occasions of her private lessons, she gets her preparation verified.

From 1998 to 2002 she is member of the ITCCA Italia magazine SHENG, “Pensieri Taoisti in libertà”

Since 2002 is member of Ado-Uisp Regional Technical Commission of Lombardia.

In 2005 she obtains the prestigious recognition of “Master of Qi Gong” from Ado-Uisp.

Since 2005 she is Itcca Italia Ethics and disciplinary committee President.

Together with the Tai Chi study, in 1994 she begins to be interested in Bach’s Flowers, and studies deep in all these years, both from an applied aspect, self experimenting, and a theoretical one, attending stages and seminaries with the greatest Italian and foreign experts of Flower therapy.

Since 1996 she actively takes part to studies and research groups about several aspects in Bach Flower therapy. Since 1997 she is member of Unione di Floriterapia council board and since 1998 she is teacher as well. Since 1999 she holds introductive and in-depth courses about Bach’s Flowers and other Floral Repertories in several sites.

Since 2000 is founder member and member of council board of RIF – Floritherapists Italian Registry.

In 2001, together with other teachers of Unione di Floriterapia, she founds the first Flower therapy school in Italy. Since 2004 is Counsellor and president of the Ethics and disciplinary committee, since, since 2010, Vice-president and later, since 2016, President of IAS, Interassociazione Arti per la Salute.

Between 2011 and 2014 she has been appointed in the council board of CTS from Law 2/2005 about DBN Bio natural Disciplines of Lombardia Region.

Since June 2012 is Vice-president of Unione di Floriterapia - Flower therapy Union.

In 2013 she becomes representative for Itcca Italia in the Ado-Uisp Tai Chi and Qi Gong technical Commission.

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Davide Lopez

Davide Lopez

Tai Chi Chuan e Qi Gong teacher
licensed ITCCA
ADO "Area Discipline Orientali"
UISP "Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti

Born in Milan on the 20th of April 1994, I begin the practice of Tai Chi with my parents, Master Carlo Lopez (disciple of 6th generation of the Yang Family) and Master Patrizia Roberti. I begin a more elaborated study of it in 2014, when I start to attend regularly the lessons. In 2017 I begin to assist my father in the first year courses, while, in the 2018 autumn, I attain the Tai Chi and Qi Gong teacher certificate released by UISP-DO. In the following year, I become a direct student of Master Chu King Hung, and I obtain the title of ITCCA teacher.

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