International Tai Chi Chuan Association (ITCCA™)

ITCCA Copenhagen Branch / ITCCA Kobenhavn and Roskilde

This fall 2023 we are organising a workshop in Rosklide, 11th of November. You are welcome to join. For information or registration please contact me at or +31 6 10597765 or check out our website at

Welcome to the first courses in Denmakr. This course includes Taoist health excercises (also activating the breathing), Qigong, Tai Chi form training and parntner excercices. It will give an overview of the rich tradtion of Original Yang style Tai Chi and the way Master Chu has formed an modern curicullem.

As Tai Chi is based on the principles of Chinese medicin eg acupunture as well as the martials arts eg kung fu, it offers interesting elements for everyone. After this course you will be able to train the first basics your self and experience the wellbeing that Tai Chi training gives you.

The course is in English but I also speak Swedish, German, Dutch and learning Danish. Assistant teacher Romed Bucher, speaks Danish.

For more info please contact Stefan Diderich at or by phone +31 610597765.

International Tai Chi Chuan Association København, Danmark. Original Yang stil Taiji o Qigong.