International Tai Chi Chuan Association (ITCCA™)

Tai Chi (taiji) Weapons

There are 3 weapons in traditional Tai Chi Ch'uan (taijiquan): the sword, the broadsword (sabre, knife), and the staff or spear.

The Sword

The sword is the first of the Tai Chi Ch'uan (taijiquan) weapons, it is related to the element water. The sword-form has 50 postures and lasts about 2-3 minutes, it is much shorter than the solo-form.


The Broadsword or Sabre

The sabre is related to the element fire. The sabre-form is carried out slightly faster than the sword-form. The sabre has only one sharp edge, therefore unlike in the sword-form some protective movements are above the head.

The Long Pole or Spear

The long pole is related to the element wood or, as a spear, metal. Yang Lu Chan was famous for his skill with the long pole.